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Blank Label For Barcode - Barcode Label : Blank label with special spesification for any requirement from our customer.
Blank Label For...
Caution Label - Caution Label : Label For electronics part or automotive parts , we usually make caution label with any different size and design.
Caution Label
Cosmetic Label - Pop Label : Eyecatch label for cosmetics product / pharmacy product, etc.
Cosmetic Label
Security Label - Security Label : Label for secure the product warranty, Warranty void if the seal broken
Security Label
Special Label - Special Label : such as a hologram, special adhesive (for a product which can remove the air / have the high temperature), for production label, and many more.
Special Label
Special Ink - We have special ink, which if we see the printing label without UV lamp, the color cannot be seen
Special Ink
Standard Label - Standard Label : Paper, semicoat, mirrorcoat, PP, PE, PET, Synthetic Paper, etc.
Standard Label
Tire Label - Tire Label : Special strong adhesive for a tire
Tire Label
Pharmacy Label
Pharmacy Label
Health Care Label
Health Care Lab...
Food Label
Food Label